Mashpee Girls' Soccer Posts 5-0 Win On The Road

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By: Rich Maclone
Published: 09/13/13

 The ride home from Monomoy is a bit of a long one, but it certainly was a happy experience for the Mashpee High School girls’ soccer team. Coach Catherine Sullivan’s Lady Falcons gave the type of effort that she expects that they’re capable of regularly as Mashpee went out on the road and came back with a decisive 5-0 victory over the Sharks on Tuesday afternoon.

“We played a really composed game and our passing was pretty solid. We passed circles around them and it worked out well,” Sullivan said.

Not only did Mashpee win in a romp, but they did so with an all-around team effort. Mashpee’s five goals were from five players; the wealth was equally spread around.

Three of the goals were the direct result of Mashpee employing one of their biggest weapons. Jackie Lynch is Mashpee’s sideline thrower, but she does not simply use both hands over her head and heave the ball. Lynch uses her entire body to generate distance that is the envy of most opponents, unleashing a flip throw that hurls the ball to the middle of the field.

“She does it right, and she can hit the goal mouth with it,” Sullivan said. “Basically it turns every throw into a corner for us.”

The flip throw directly led to three of Mashpee’s goals in the game. The first goal was a regular pass and shoot play from Erica Caldwell to Christina Ball, who blasted one in the net in the 18th minute to make it 1-0. A flip throw by Lynch to the front for Annalea Hathaway in the 30th minute doubled the Falcons’ lead. She then heaved another to the front just before halftime that saw Kelsey Perry collect the ball and get it to Emma McNally for a shot that went in that made it 3-0 in the 38th minute, giving the Falcons a formidable halftime advantage.

McNally set up the fourth goal for the Falcons. Sweeper Laini Lavigne jumped into the play and bombed one in from the top of the box to make it 4-0 on “an awesome shot,” according to Sullivan. Another Lynch flip offering led to the final tally for Mashpee as she threw it to Caldwell, who found Rachel Bridges for a shot that gave Mashpee a 5-0 advantage in the 76th minute.

“It was nice to go out and get that first win,” Sullivan said. “We passed it around and took a lot of shots and a lot of people got in on the offense.”

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