Charter School Facts

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By: Letter To Editor
Published: 07/20/12

Do you and the writers of the story in the June 28 edition expect the readers to believe that Mashpee spends $13,655 on each pupil in their public schools?

In other cities and towns, the charter schools get 33 percent to 50 percent more than the public school can spend on their students. Also, I've heard parents of charter school kids brag that they get rid of the special needs and slow kids by 3rd grade. It helps with the MCAS scores, you know.

In addition, your chart shows that Sturgis school teachers are paid less than public school teachers. Are their qualifications the same and their education and experience? After all, businesses brag that they have to pay much more in order to get "quality" employees. Why wouldn't the business of a charter school?

How is the compensation for the administrators compared? In one city the administrators are using the money from the cities where the students are from to buy real estate for the use of the administrators and principal as free housing rather than spending it all at the school.

For at least 50 years there has been a segment of the political population that has worked tirelessly to rid themselves of public schools and public school teachers. With this rush to charter schools (most of them privately owned as money-making propositions) they are certainly making a huge dent. In the words of a prominent conservative, the plan seems to be to "starve the beast."

Mary McNiff

Albert Road


This letter was originally published in The Enterprise on July 6, 2012. 

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