Deal Struck On Popponesset Marketplace

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By: Geoff Spillane
Published: 05/23/11

The Popponesset Marketplace will be opening for the summer 2011 season.

According to Daniel Murphy, Jr., the longtime Popponesset summer resident who filed the 2010 lawsuit claiming the marketplace is in violation of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), weekend-long negotiations between the two parties have resulted in an agreement in principle to resolve the issue.

Details regarding the resolution, including whether whether the full complement of businesses would be allowed to open for the long Memorial Day holiday weekend, have not yet been disclosed.

Mr. Murphy traveled to Mashpee from his home in Florida to meet in-person with marketplace ownership and management and attorneys representing both sides.

“I still have shells from the marketplace on my wheelchair,” Mr. Murphy said.

“It was a long, interesting and tiring weekend. I am relieved. Something like this takes a lot out of you. Now I know why so many disabled people don’t speak up or get involved,” added Mr. Murphy.

Mr. Murphy was heartened by the support he received throughout the ordeal, but also said an emotional issue such as the potential closing of the marketplace brought out the worst in people. “I lowered my standards by posting responses to some of the Facebook posts,” Mr. Murphy said, referring to some of the critical comments posted on two web sites dedicated to preserving the marketplace that started three weeks ago, when the expected closure was first announced.

Additional news and updates regarding the latest developments involving the marketplace will be covered in this week's edition of The Mashpee Enterprise.

2 Responses to "Deal Struck On Popponesset Marketplace"

  1. “I lowered my standards by posting responses to some of the Facebook posts,” Mr. Murphy. This comment just shows what a jerk Murphy is. "Lowering his standards"? What are we peasants?

  2. We are all sensitive to the plight of disabled people everywhere, however, in this case being disabled does not disqualify Mr. Murphy from being a jerk.

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