Former Falmouth Police Dispatcher Called Attention to Chief's Contract

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By: Brent Runyon
Published: 12/28/10

Since Matthew W. Newton, 21, was passed over for a full-time position and then fired from his job as a part-time civilian dispatcher for the Falmouth Police Department earlier this year, one of his stated goals is to get back at Chief Anthony J. Riello and the three Falmouth police captains.

“I want to kick them back twice as hard as they kicked me,” Mr. Newton said. “You come after me, I come after you, guns blazing.”

Mr. Newton of Davedon Avenue, Hatchville, was passed over for a full-time dispatcher position earlier this spring because of attendance and performance issues, according to the town. He was later fired after a disciplinary hearing in August, following an allegation that he left his post for an hour and a half without permission.

But Mr. Newton claims that he was the most qualified candidate for the full-time position, and was a victim of age discrimination, which resulted in the job being posted for outside candidates. He filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination in June to that end.

As for the allegations that he left his shift without permission, Mr. Newton said it is standard practice when working an overnight shift to go to 7-Eleven to get a snack. He said he did that but was only gone a maximum of 10 minutes, not the hour and a half that the department claimed.

Now he said he is in the process of filing a lawsuit against the town for civil rights violations, including what he said was an illegal background check conducted by Falmouth police during his application for the full-time position.

The application also included a personality test to see which candidates had the characteristics to be most effective at the job. Last week, Mr. Newton produced a copy of the test he took, showing that he scored higher than the other candidates in most categories deemed important for the position.

Mr. Newton also produced a copy of the results of the same test that he says Chief Riello took to set the bar for the test.

He also said he scored higher than Chief Riello on many of the categories, including “accountability for others.”

Mr. Newton said this proves that Chief Riello does not have the skills to be an effective police chief, because a police chief needs to be accountable for his officers.

The test results are just the most recent example of Mr. Newton’s efforts to get back at Chief Riello.

Last week, Mr. Newton brought to light the previously unreported fact that Chief Riello got a $10,000 raise in 2009.

He provided a copy of Chief Riello’s contract to a newspaper reporter, and was cited in that article as an anonymous Falmouth resident, although Mr. Newton said he would have preferred to have been named.

“They did me wrong, and they thought I was going to just go away, but I’m never going to let it go,” he said.

It was an ongoing issue for Mr. Newton as an employee for the police department that Chief Riello did not know his first name.

“He was calling me Michael,” Mr. Newton said. “He didn’t even know my name.”

Mr. Newton, who is the son of Shardell Newton, Department of Public Works facilities manager, and Falmouth Firefighter William A. Newton, said Chief Riello also mistook Falmouth Patrol Officer Andrew T. Loewen for him and vice versa.

Mr. Newton said he believes that Falmouth Police Captain Stephen M. O’Neil and Captain Edward A. Dunne disliked him because he followed the town’s collective bargaining agreement to the letter.

He would like to get his job back and come back to the police department and eventually become a police officer.

Asked if he felt he could work for Chief Riello and the three Falmouth police captains, Mr. Newton said, “They’ll retire eventually.”


Falmouth Police Chief Anthony J. Riello this week corrected statements from Matthew W. Newton, who is contesting his dismissal from the police department. Mr. Newton asserted he scored higher than Chief Riello on a test given to candidates for the job of dispatcher. Chief Riello said he wrote the test and did not take it. Further, in the category of accountability for others in the test, a score of zero is appropriate because a dispatcher is not held accountable for others.

19 Responses to "Former Falmouth Police Dispatcher Called Attention to Chief's Contract"

  1. Mat, if you are claiming age descrimination, how do you explain the fact that they hire you in the first place? I think the problems you are creating for the department serves the administration right, because they should have hired Bossio who in my opinion, was a much more qualified candidate than you (Mat) where. They hired you to get town favors from your mother who as the article mentions, is in charge of buildings for the Town of Falmouth. When hired, you were just barley 18 years old with no experience. The administrations political shannigans brought this upon themselves.

  2. My name is Matthew Newton and I don't have to hide behind a screen name as you do. Any questions you have you can ask me from here on out. I was hired by the Falmouth Police Department at the age of 18 but only because I was a town of Falmouth resident, unlike Bossio, and I was a criminal justice student. I showed interest in the job and interest in further advancement within the department. As for me being hired because of political favors of buidling maintenence being done, you should go to town hall and request to see budgets from building maintenence and you'll see that renovations took place at the police department LONG before I ever applied there. Get your facts straight and don't attack me online based off of your poor unfactual opinions. It takes five minutes to reqest public records, and then you could display some level of intelligance when you go online and voice your opinion. I suggest you find five mintes in your day to do that.

  3. Congratulations Matthew, you just destroyed any chance you ever had of becoming a police officer in Massachusetts, and most likely everywhere else. Have fun tilting at your windmills.

  4. Mathew? would you really want to work for the FPD? I would be ashamed to say I worked for them, now that you have put your complaints in the paper they will stop you every chance they get, they will harrass you, like a bunch of BULLIES they are, and for the last message from CSCop who the heck is he/she to tell you that you will never get a job in any police department in massachusetts? take it to the top Mat kick there asses!!

  5. I have lived in Falmouth for 55 years and my parents and grandparents before me. I find it very disheartening that the very police force that we totally respected in the 1960's-1980's has become such a bone of contention. I find it hard to believe every time I see a motor vehicle stop and it is a young male, there are multiple cruisers to conduct their inspection. But find a young girl and it only takes one cruiser. So, you see, there is some type of discrimentaion going on here. Not just for Matt, but for all young men that these macho cops don't want to tolerate. I wish I could say I felt confident in the Falmouth Police Force, but I sincerely cannot say that any longer. Maybe a good investigation of what is going on with this force is in order!!!

  6. Thank you falmouthpdiscrooked for your support and I fully intend to take this to the top. CSCop, I don't know who you are but it's pretty obvious if you read my ariticle you would realize that I am fighting them so i can get my job back and become a police officer as I intended. The bottom line is that I was guilty until I could prove myself innocent. To date the Falmouth Police Department has yet to provide me with any facts or evidence saying that I was wrong. This is not hard. They fired me because I would not play their game of the "good old boys". They had the power to fire me with no consequenses at the time....that is until I get my day in court. Any judge in their right mind would say that this is nothing but child's play and that I can continue to pursue my career. CSCop...I will get back to you after I have my day in court. Thank you again falmouthpdiscrooked for your support. By your screen name I take it that you've been there and done that.

  7. Matt, You really need to grow up. I agree with CS Cop in that you have basically burned all your bridges and probably wouldn't pass a background check on any police department, especially with you saying “You come after me, I come after you, guns blazing.”. Epic Fail! I suggest you get out of town, join the military and grow up. Either that, or I'm afraid you'll be selling cold cuts at Stop & Shop or selling cell phones at the AT&T store for the rest of your life. Really dude.....smarten up!

  8. 100heads, I only have one question for you. I don't know what you do for a living, but if someone tried to take your income and career away from you, wouldn't you fight for it? And if your answer is no, then you really didn't want it in the first place. And if your answer is no, then yes, you would end up working at a job that is a dead end. So how can you criticize someone for fighting for something they believe in? I feel that I was wronged, I have the proof that I was wronged, so why wouldn't I fight for it? I'll call you the same day I call CS Cop and let you know how I made out after my day in court.

  9. Matthew, there is a way to try to get your job back that doesn't include idiotic statements like you're coming at them "guns blazing". I have no idea if you'll get your dispatcher job back, but I positively guarantee you'll never be hired as a police officer. Trust me, I've been on a PD for over 20 years, and I know how it works. You are now officially blackballed in Massachusetts.

  10. CS Cop, you have your opinion and I have mine. There are a lot of other circumstances that are in play with my case, so let's agree to disagree. I am trying to change the method of thinking within Falmouth PD and I have a lot of support from the personnel there it just hasn't been published in the Enterprise. I have faith in the department, and the system to change the way the current administration is operating. The opinion you have is based off of an article that was not 100% accurate with my quotes and will be clarified in tomorrows Enterprise. If you ever met me you would know my character and know that I was reasonable. I have given the town multiple chances to rectify this situation before it got this far. And in the process of rectifying this situation I can promise you that a resolution will not come until the promise is made that I can fulfill my intentions of working as a police officer. Again, you have your opinion and I have mine. I am confident that I will succeed.

  11. Matthew you seem like a very smart young man and I have to say even though I don't know you I bet your parents are proud of you because if you were my son, I'd be proud! Stand up for your rights and i'm sure when you become a police officier that you'll be good at it no matter where you work ! I would never do what your doing while living in town just shows what kind of kid you are standing up for your rights.I wish you all the best and good luck...hope you win in the end !

  12. When does residency matter with a civilian dispatcher position? When you were hired Bossio was a police officer with the department for over 10 years, He has a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. Tell me again how you were more qualified at 18 years old. Its claear what happened here.

  13. HelloMatt, Send me an email. I'd like to talk to you about this more. I know what you are going through. My email is I have to say after reading this very carefully you really do seem like a smart guy who has the best of intentions. While there are 2 sides to every story it's obvious that you want to make a difference. Having been in public safety for many years i have seen all of this. Send me an email, looking forward to hearing from you.

  14. Matt? instead of getting on here and being all frustrated, leave it in the judges hands. would you really want to go back there and work for FPD after all this has been said n done? your life will be made a living hell, and it really doesnt look good for you when you threaten about "Guns Blazing" you know that the judge is going to see it, that is a Big no no. just relax the man above never sleeps!!! FPD should put more of there effort into SOLVING the UNSOLVED Murder cases they have, they suck as far as i am concerned.

  15. are you kidding me. a personality test. those bozo's need to take a driving test. they have smashed more cruisers than the blues brothers. they give a personality test. well it seens to be working because they all have the personality of STUMPS. GO ET THEM MATT

  16. Matt, in the article it said that you were a criminal justice student. Were, because you were too lazy to follow through with the work load needed to get your degree, so you dropped out of Cape Cod Community College. Just like with your dispatching job, you were too lazy to put the time, effort, and here is a word you don't know "work" into getting the job done! Calling out sick, not showing up for your shifts as a dispatcher, and you wonder why you were fired? Are you serious? You are either the most ignorant person on the face of this planet, or you are plain brian dead. You clearly have a lot of growing up to do in your life. It's time you stopped blaming others for your problems and take some responsibility. Hopefully, this incident will act as a wake up call to you to turn your life around and get back on the right track, but I doubt it. Your child like actions, filing of these pointless lawsuits, and just plain crying in your spilt milk show that you don't, and never will have what it take to be a police officer. The Falmouth Police did the right thing by firing you when they did. If you had ever been ( and let me tell you, you never will be) hired as a police officer you would have been nothing but a problem for the department.

  17. "laurens", thanks for all your support. I'm not getting into it with you. "fpdiscrooked" you were right. The department is at it again. I got stopped yesterday for still having the union sticker on my car. Surprise surprise.

  18. I believe "laurens" framed it very well and I'll echo some of the advice she's giving you Matt. I'll just add that you do show signs of narcissism as well and you need to get over yourself. Anyway, I'm an outsider living in Virginia Matt, but grew up in Falmouth with your Dad. I'll leave you with probably the best advice you'll hear...get out of Massachussetts! There's a huge world beyond Falmouth, the Cape, the MA border with countless opportunities, cheaper economies, and warmer weather to boot. The FPD is full of corrupt cronies...always has been! You need to move-on son. Best of luck!

  19. As a former Falmouth civilian police dispatcher I understand what working at the Falmouth police department is like so when I had a chance I moved on. I thought after doing 22 years in the air force a police department job would be good but I was wrong every town needs officers but except for the senior officers most of the officers are like bullies on the play ground at school they have a click and if your not a officer your not cool or allowed in. I hope you get what you want in life but believe me a future at the Falmouth police department isn't it I would join the military see the world and be a law enforcement troop if you want you will see what respect is all about not just hiding behind a badge

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