Falmouth Police Investigating Daring Break-Ins

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By: Michael C. Bailey
Published: 08/09/13

Falmouth Police Department is urging residents to keep their homes locked at night in the wake of a series of break-ins with one disturbing similarity: they all occurred while the homeowners were asleep in their beds.

In July and August about a half-dozen of these break-ins have been reported to police, Lieutenant Brian L. Reid said, with the breaks occurring in the Maravista Avenue area. In each case, residents have awoken to find that someone had burgled their homes while they were in bed.

No one was injured in any of the incidents, and police received no reports of a resident encountering or confronting an intruder in the home.

Lt. Reid said the matter was under investigation, and residents were advised to make sure to keep all doors and windows secured at all times, and immediately report any suspicious individuals in the area to police.

This is not the first time Falmouth has dealt with a brazen burglar. In 1995, a 16-year-old was arrested in connection with five break-ins on Stanhope Road, Seapit Road, Great Bay Street, and Arbutus Path in East Falmouth, all of them committed while the residents were home and asleep. That juvenile stole an estimated $50,000 in property from the homes before he was apprehended.

Sandwich last year dealt with a similar string of house breaks; three homes were entered at night while the occupants were sleeping, and in those cases the noise from window-mounted air conditioner units helped mask the intruder’s presence. 

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