Investigation Continues into Double Homicide in East Falmouth

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By: Michael C. Bailey
Published: 06/14/13

Almost two days after Falmouth police were called to the site of an alleged double homicide, law enforcement officials have released little additional information about what they are calling an isolated and targeted, if also gruesome, incident.

As of last night, police had announced neither arrests nor suspects.

Falmouth police were called to 146 Central Avenue at 1:34 AM Wednesday after receiving a 911 call from a neighbor reporting a disturbance at the home. The call was entered into the logs as a homicide.

Police cordoned off the property, and by mid-morning the effective crime scene was expanded to block the road on either side of the home. Residents living within the perimeter gathered to watch the proceedings, which involved interviews with neighbors according to Michael A. Trudeau, first assistant district attorney with the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office.

On Wednesday afternoon, the DA’s office issued a press release confirming the identities of the two victims as 41-year-old Crystal L. Perry and 23-year-old Kristofer M. Williams. Their respective Facebook pages stated they were living in Mashpee and Hyannis respectively, but the DA’s office stated they were both living in the home at the time of the incident. The nature of their relationship was not clear.

The victims sustained “severe blunt and sharp force trauma,” suggesting they were beaten and stabbed, but the DA’s office released no further details on the causes of death pending an examination by the Massachusetts Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Mr. Trudeau assured the public that this incident was “targeted” and not a random act. Beyond that, investigators remain tight-lipped on the details of the crime and the course of the investigation, declining to divulge possible motives or whether any potential suspects had been identified.

“The very nature of these types of investigations requires law enforcement agencies and investigators to interview a variety of witnesses,” Mr. Trudeau said, explaining that a premature release of specific information “would automatically impact and perhaps influence what another witness may or may not say.”

Mr. Trudeau acknowledged that the home has been the site of two major drug investigations within the past five years, both of which involved Ms. Perry, but did not comment whether the homicide was at all drug related.

He added that if investigators made public specific details about the crime scene and the evidence, it could compromise the investigation when it came time to interview suspects. “We could put the question to someone, ‘How did you know about that?’,” referring to a detail that only someone present at the time of the crime would have knowledge of, he said, “and they could say, ‘Oh, I read it in the paper.’ ”

Mr. Trudeau acknowledged that the home has been the site of two major drug investigations within the past five years, both of which involved Ms. Perry, but did not comment whether the homicide was at all drug related.

“We are obviously investigating all possible motives,” he said.

The Victims
Ms. Perry, a former Mashpee and Marstons Mills resident, was a member of the Falmouth High School Class of 1988 and listed on her Facebook page she had worked for “Self Professional Healthcare” since 2000. She was also a member of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe and volunteered with the tribal health department.

Tribal Chairman Cedric Cromwell issued a statement Wednesday on behalf of the tribe, which was “deeply saddened and hurt by the tragic death and loss of our beloved Tribal Member Crystal Perry.

“I ask all of our Tribal Community, neighbors and friends to join together with Prayer and love towards healing during this very difficult time,” Mr. Cromwell said in the statement. “We pray for safety, for the swift apprehension of whomever committed this shocking, inhumane act, and for the culprit to be brought to justice. Our Community must stand up and we will not stand down until justice prevails.”

Mr. Cromwell was contacted for further comment, but tribal spokesman Paula Gates said the tribe was “in mourning” for Ms. Perry and Mr. Cromwell was unavailable.

Ms. Perry was predeceased by her parents, Catherine L. (Hendricks) Perry, who died in 2002, and George S. Perry, who died in 2011. In addition to her sister, Veronica Jo Perry—who is listed in Falmouth Assessing Department records as co-owner of the home along with Roderick Antone—Ms. Perry leaves behind brothers George Stanley Perry and Antone R. Perry, both of Falmouth.

We pray for safety, for the swift apprehension of whomever committed this shocking, inhumane act, and for the culprit to be brought to justice.

                                          Cedric Cromwell 

Mr. Williams—who listed himself as “self-employed” on his Facebook page, and as a student of St. George’s School, an Episcopal boarding school in Middletown, Rhode Island, from 2003 to 2005—was the son of Theodore Williams, a 27-year member of the Falmouth Police Department who died in August at the age of 51.

Mr. Williams was actively involved in Falmouth’s Youth Hockey League as a teenager. In 1997 he was one of two Falmouth youths who traveled to Canada as part of the South Shore Dynamos Select Team, a team of players from around southeastern Massachusetts, to compete in the Cartier Championships in Montreal. The team won the competition, beating three Canadian teams.

Troubled Pasts
Both of the victims were well-known to police and had lengthy criminal histories; each of them had approximately a dozen separate case files on record at the Falmouth District Court.

Most of Ms. Perry’s arrests were on drug-related charges, and she was arrested during two separate raids on the Central Avenue home.

Police executed a search warrant in December 2009 and seized Percocet, cocaine, and marijuana. Three counts of possession of a Class B controlled substance with intent to distribute filed against Ms. Perry were dismissed upon payment of $300 in court costs. Charges of possession of a Class D controlled substance with intent to distribute - subsequent offense and possession of a Class E controlled substance with intent to distribute - subsequent offense were dismissed.

In October 2011 police raided the home again and took six individuals—including Ms. Perry—into custody on assorted drug charges. Ms. Perry was awaiting trial in Barnstable Superior Court at the time of her death and was due back in court next month.

Ms. Perry was also a suspect in two drug arrests, one in 1995 and one in 2003, at a home on Ninigret Avenue in Mashpee, and in a 1996 drug sweep in Falmouth.

Mr. Williams’s criminal record consists mostly of larceny and related offenses. Last May Mr. Williams was sentenced to multiple concurrent one-year jail sentences following his conviction on numerous larceny and breaking and entering charges, those stemming from incidents in Mashpee and Bourne, where he was accused of stealing storm drain grates to sell as scrap metal.

6 Responses to "Investigation Continues into Double Homicide in East Falmouth"

  1. some people have no heart or soul, and god will judge you for being so damn heartless just like the people who committed this heinous crime, didn't ur mother ever teach you if you don't have anything nice to say then shut the f**k up!!!!! i happen to be a close friend of crystal and no matter what she did, she surely didn't deserve to die, especially in the gruesome way that she did,she would do anything she could for anyone, and know her son had to bury his mom and her grandson who she absolutely adores, no longer has his nana, not to mention the rest of her family and friends that will probably never get over the loss of a truly loving, kind hearted ,caring aunt, sister,cousin, mother, and dear friend who will be truly missed, i love you crystal and my heart goes out to her family,i will miss u more than u know!!!!! and for everyone else who can't be respectful than i suggest you keep your mouths shut 143 muffin

  2. sounds like the town of falmouth just lost (2) two first class druggies, what a shame !!!!!!!

  3. This story is extremely disturbing .These victims happen to be someones child , mother,or father.My heart goes out to the family and friends of these LOST SOULS!

  4. The story is very disturbing. Yes, they had their share of problems. But, they also had Families. If you haven't any respect for the victims. Please have respect for both families. Please if anyone has any information with regards to this awful crime, Please step forward. Don't think of it as snitching or ratting on someone. Because , what your doing is getting a murderer or murderers off the street. No one knows why they were targeted. I am sure you will be treated anonymously . Call the Det Hotline in Falmouth. Or the D.A. office. Don't let these murders go unsolved.!!!!! Do it for the families. To cassickc.: Have a little respect for the Families. Better yet have a little respect for yourself. Respectfully submitted. Shadeb God rest both your souls...

  5. No one deserves to die like these two did. But having said that it was well known locally that they were heavily involved in the drug industry in Falmouth and Mashpee. The revolving door justice system on the Cape kept both on the streets, with few real consequences for crimes they were arrested and found guilty of. God knows how many lives they helped destroy with the poison they peddled. The perpetrators of this heinous crime should certainly spend the rest of their lives in prison, but this crime never would have occurred if the two victims hadn't been hard drug dealers.

  6. I hope when God judges you he remembers this moment. I personally know he was not a drug dealer, and even if he was no one deserves to be a victim of such a brutal murder. I will pray for your soul tonight. I cant speak for her family, but Kristofer came from a middle class family. He came from love and he was probably the most talented intelligent person i have ever met. This could have easily been your parent, child, sibling or loved one. Shame on you. Ill pray for your heartless soul.... - a loving, mourning, sister

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