Trudie Hall's Remains Found In Falmouth

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By: Laura M. Reckford
Published: 04/24/12

A man walking a dog discovered the skeletal remains of Trudie Hall in woods near the municipal water tower on Hayway Road in East Falmouth Thursday evening.

Trudie Hall was the Nantucket woman who was 23 years old and four months pregnant when she went missing almost two years ago.

Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe made the announcement at a press conference at the Barnstable Police Station this morning attended by more than a dozen television, radio and print news outlets, including four Boston TV stations.

The remains were analyzed by experts at the office of the chief medical examiner, who included a forensic anthropologist and a forensic dentist. Articles of jewelry were also found at the scene, which aided the identification, Mr. O’Keefe said.

“Though Trudie will never speak again, by finding her, she has told us much,” Mr. O’Keefe said. “Among other things, she has told us how many times she was shot and with what kind of bullets.” Mr. O’Keefe said he did not want to reveal at this time the number of times she was shot or where on her body she was shot, but he said she was shot multiple times. He also would not reveal the caliber of weapon but he said ballistics were recovered at the scene.

When asked if there could be two counts of murder because of the unborn baby, Mr. O’Keefe said this is possible.

Mr. O’Keefe said no arrests have been made.

“We are now requesting that anyone who either knowingly or unknowingy aided Trudie’s killer [to] come forward by contacting the Massachusetts State Police at 508-790-5799,” said Mr. O’Keefe. “Your opportunity to do this is now.”

Though Trudie will never speak again, by finding her, she has told us much.

         - District Attorney Michael O'Keefe                        

A reward had been offered by Trudie Hall’s mother, Vivienne J. Walker, for information about her daughter’s disappearance. Mr. O’Keefe said the reward has nothing to do with his office. He did not know whether the dog walker would get it.

“We don’t deal in rewards,” Mr. O’Keefe said. “They tend to cause problems at the time of prosecution.”

Mr. O’Keefe said he and police officers involved in the investigation have been in touch with Ms. Walker since the remains were discovered. “She’s a very strong and wonderful woman,” he said.

“We are grateful that a man walking his dog found Trudie, because where she was found is of importance to this investigation,” Mr. O’Keefe said.

Mr. O’Keefe said the area where Ms. Hall was discovered is relatively near an area that was extensively searched in 2010. The dog walker was visiting people who live in the area and lives off-Cape, Mr. O’Keefe said.

Before her disappearance was reported in July 2010, Trudie Hall had traveled from Nantucket to Hyannis and stayed overnight at a motel in West Yarmouth. Her rental car was found in a commuter lot off Exit 6 on Route 132, and police found blood in the car.

Ms. Walker, Ms. Hall’s mother, told a reporter from the Enterprise shortly after her daughter’s disappearance that her daughter had been threatened before her death “to get rid of her unborn child or get a gunshot to the face.”

Ms. Walker, who lives on Nantucket and also on Burning Bush Road in Mashpee, said she heard about the threat from police but declined to say who made the threat, other than to say it was a woman.

It was Ms. Walker who reported her daughter missing after Ram Rimal, who is originally from Nepal and had married Ms. Hall the previous November, called Ms. Walker to say her daughter was missing.

Ms. Walker and Mr. Rimal, 43, together reported the disappearance to Yarmouth police.

It was subsequently discovered that Trudie Hall had also married a man named Doucet McDowe about six months before she married Mr. Rimal. There were no records of Ms. Hall’s having divorced either man. Ms. Walker said she did not know anything about her daughter’s marriages.

After Ms. Hall was originally reported missing, police combed the woods near the Service Road in West Barnstable close to Exit 6 off Route 6. 

Mr. O’Keefe said this morning extensive searches were also done in the Town of Falmouth.

Police also searched the home on Great Marsh Road in Centerville of Quoizel L. Wilson, a married man who had lived on Nantucket, and seized a white sports utility vehicle owned by him for forensic testing.

At Mr. Wilson’s home yesterday, the house was quiet, and a white SUV was parked beside the house. Mr. Wilson’s attorney, Robert J. Galibois, said last night that he was not aware of a renewed focus on his client.

Police worked quickly over the past several days to gather evidence and identify the body.

Mr. O’Keefe announced about 4:30 PM on Friday that “what appeared to be human bones” had been found in Falmouth and that investigators, with the assistance of the medical examiner’s office and state police crime scene services, were in the process of recovering the bones for transport to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for further analysis and identification.

Earlier in the day police cordoned off a large area near the Hayway Road water tower with crime scene tape.

Friday afternoon, more than a dozen police vehicles were parked on the water tower’s access road. Falmouth police were working with state police and forensics investigators. They were all crowded around a small area, using surveying tools to comb through the spot.

Police had been at the scene processing evidence since at least 8:30 that morning, according to neighbors.

One neighbor said she heard that a dog walker had discovered the remains last Thursday night and notified police. A neighbor saw a police officer standing at the area that night before investigators arrived early last Friday morning to begin processing the scene.

Police continued to guard the crime scene Saturday morning but by late last Saturday afternoon, the crime scene tape had been removed and investigators had left. After investigators left Saturday, all that remained in the area where police were searching was a clearing, piles of brush and some freshly cut brambles.

The area where the remains were found is across the street from the Frances A. Crane Wildlife Management Area quail area, between 250 and 320 Hayway Road.

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