Guilty Plea In Hyannis Motor Vehicle Homicide

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By: James Kinsella
Published: 04/01/11

Gina L. Giovangelo pleaded guilty Friday, April 1, in the May 2010 motor vehicle homicide in Hyannis which took the life of Lillian White, a 47-year-old grandmother in a motorized wheelchair.

Following her plea in Barnstable Superior Court, Judge Gary A. Nickerson sentenced her to two and one-half years in jail for motor vehicle homicide involving OUI and negligent operation, and one year in jail for leaving the scene of personal injury and death.

Ms. Giovangelo, 19, of Hyannis is scheduled to serve up to a total of three years on the sentence: two years on the motor vehicle charge, and one year for leaving the scene of the fatal accident."

Under state law, she must serve at least one year of each sentence, aside from any credit given for time served or good behavior.

Judge Nickerson also sentenced her to five years of probation, which will include a weekly requirement of four hours of community service, preferably spent helping patients in a head injury center.

“Quite frankly,” the judge told her, “it will be done in memory of Lillian.”

As part of a plea recommendation worked out by Ms. Giovangelo’s defense attorney and the Cape & Islands District Attorney’s Office, the four other charges on the indictment against Ms. Giovangelo will not be prosecuted.


1 Responses to "Guilty Plea In Hyannis Motor Vehicle Homicide"

  1. This is absolutely dispicable...3 years???? That is her punishment for drunk driving under influence of drugs, hitting a person in a wheelchair, dragging her body and taking off leaving her for dead?!?! It's not like she didn't notice Lillian's purse on her windshield while driving back to the motel for more drinking. When she's sober, takes off from the courthouse on top of it! She should do 20 or more years because Lillian will never be coming home after 1 yr served. I am ashamed of our court system for going easy on this delinquent. She already has a rap sheet so don't think she "just made a little mistake".

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