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By: Press Release
Published: 10/29/10

Return Matt Patrick To State Rep Seat

Simply put, we voters in the 3rd Barnstable District would be well-served to return Matt Patrick to a new term as our State Representative. Time and again Matt has shown his true colors and independent thinking in going up against his own party to reform archaic and self-serving rules in the State House. He fought for funds for health care of our often-neglected war veterans so they no longer have to cross the bridge.

Years of Matt's work to make energy-efficient home and business improvements affordable are now paying off through the Municipal Relief Act. He also led the charge to close corporate tax loopholes, thus generating $200 million for taxpayer benefit. For decades Matt has been an effective advocate for enlightened environmental protection, including, among others, open space initiatives, clean-up of rivers and bays, and, now, common sense solutions to the Cape's escalating wastewater woes.

Matt Patrick is one incumbent who has proved he serves this community with integrity, determination, and fresh ideas. He gets results. He has earned our vote.

Mimi McConnell
Santuit Road, Cotuit


A Vote for Milne is a Vote For the Democratic Process

Milne Is The Choice For Assembly Of Delegates

Mr. J. Gregory Milne is running for Barnstable representative to the Assembly of Delegates.

Mr. Milne has been a Barnstable Town Councilor for eleven years. He was a member of Barnstable’s most recent Charter Commission and is a County Mosquito Control Commissioner.

Milne is also on the County’s Charter Review Commission.

J. Gregory Milne has earned this position by being the people’s voice. He does his homework, vets controversial matters and welcomes constituent opinions. Gregory takes hard stands and explains his positions in a well thought out manner.

Gregory has won the public’s confidence. He received the third highest vote on the most recent Charter Commission ballot of almost 25 candidates.

Many residents of Barnstable think the current delegate is in conflict with his position as Barnstable’s Assistant Town Manager.

How can a representative of the delegation truly represent the people while under the wing of the administration of the town? Does this mean that the Town Manager is also incognito the delegate?

I ascertain that they are both one in the same.

When Barnstable Delegate Tom Lynch represents the Town of Barnstable as a delegate, he is in fact representing the Town with the rubber-stamp and approval of his boss Town Manager John Klimm.

Barnstable needs a delegate that is strong, detailed and informed. Barnstable needs a delegate that represents the people’s wishes. J. Gregory Milne is that individual. His proven track record will not fail us.

Al Baker
Wakeby Road, Marstons Mills


Defends Matthew Patrick From Campaign Ploy

My husband and I recently attended a debate between State Representative Matthew Patrick and his challenger, Republican David Vieira.

The Republican repeated three times: “I’m from Teaticket.”

This seemed odd. I have plenty of friends in Teaticket who are staunch supporters of Matthew Patrick. What could Mr. Vieira’s point be?

Then I got a bunch of election adverts in the mail. At the top of the Republican’s advert – there it was again. He made a big point of having been born here, whereas his opponent was not.

Finally I realized: The Republican was saying that he was better than Representative Patrick, because he had been born on Cape Cod and Representative Patrick had only lived here for the past 30 years.

Gosh golly gee. I sure was shocked.

I know one thing for sure: Democrat Matthew Patrick would never – ever – try to demean another person because of the circumstances of that person’s birth. Or because of his skin color. Or because of any kind of handicap.

In fact, our current representative has devoted much of his time to protecting the little person, to saving money for his constituents, and to keeping local jobs. For example, one local business expected to go out of business because of a state environmental regulatory agency. Representative Patrick advocated for the business and made clear that he would take the matter further if the state agency refused to find a compromise.

: State agents compromised. Local business stayed open. No harm done to environment. More than 100 jobs (good-paying, with health benefits, etc.) were saved.

You don’t have to be born in Teaticket to be very effective in protecting local businesses and jobs.

The Republican is fond of claiming that Representative Patrick opposes free enterprise and free markets. This and many other examples show that his information is inaccurate.

Even more important: Representative Patrick is known in Boston as a bulldog who will do whatever he can to protect his constituents. He gets results.

It’s unlikely that a newcomer Republican would be anywhere near as effective.

Wendy Williams
Simons Narrows Road, Mashpee

Lessons Learned By Jeff Perry

How do we learn? What are some of the most formative things that shape us, give us experience, character, and make us better people over the course of time? I think, making mistakes is one of the most powerful ways we all improve in all of these areas.

I like to tell my employees that I’ve done everything we do at our business the wrong way at least once in my 30-year association with the business. Through making all those mistakes I’ve learned the best ways possible to perform every one of the individual tasks we perform. Moreover, I compare this to one of my favorite mantras, “You have to lose to know how to win,” or better yet, “Knowledge earned is greater than knowledge learned, as long as it doesn’t come at too high a price.”

Effective leaders tend to be the people who have been around long enough, and had enough of these “learning experiences”, that they have the wisdom to be effective leaders. In politics a couple of well-known local examples come to mind.

Without a doubt Senator Kennedy must have learned a great deal from his Chappaquiddick experience, and more importantly, the choices he made that July night, and in the days immediately following the incident. In fact, I dare say, he spent the rest of his political career trying to do “good works” in order to make up for to that experience. The voters of the Commonwealth felt he deserved a second chance and re-elected him to the Senate for the next 40 years.

Joseph P. Kennedy, II rolled a Jeep on Nantucket that resulted in one of his passengers being paralyzed for life. He subsequently founded a non-profit to help low-income people, and was elected to Congress in the 8th Massachusetts district, an office previously held by Tip O’Neill. He was re-elected to Congress for another five terms.

Yet, many of the same people who gave Senator Kennedy and Joe Kennedy many second chances hold Jeff Perry in contempt for something that happened 19 years ago, in which he was not directly at fault. Why is that? Is it because he is a Republican in one of the bluest of blue states? Is it because the controversy surrounding him is worse than the Kennedy “mistakes”? Would he get a pass if his name was Jeff Kennedy? Are Republicans held to a higher standard because they hold others, and themselves, to higher standards? Jeff Perry has had more character building and values reinforcing lessons in his life than most of us ever have to confront.

So, in the 10th Congressional District on Tuesday, a vote for Jeff Perry is a vote for someone who has come up through the school of hard knocks, with its share of mistakes, lessons, and heartaches, probably not unlike yourself; a values reinforcing experience. Or you can vote for Bill Keating, a guy who has never held a private sector job, never met a payroll, has been feeding from the public trough since he was old enough to vote, and seemingly, just wants to finish his resume. Personally, I’m voting for guy with the common man experience and values – Jeff Perry.

Peter C. Eastman
Bayberry Lane, Barnstable


Objects To Ads Against Mr. Perry

This is in response to the commercials being run by one of the candidates for the 10th district Congress seat.

More than anything these ads show a lack of respect for the voters of this district if this candidate thinks they would respond to obvious negative attacks.

When you hook a manure spreader to your campaign wagon you tell us what you think of the voters walking behind you.

I would ask the voters of the 10th district if this is really the kind of person you want representing you in the Nation’s Capital.

Haven’t the citizens of this state been embarrassed enough by our elected officials on both Beacon Hill and Washington DC? By engaging in this smear campaign, Mr. Keating is proving he is just more of the same.

Doug Dexter
Tarragon Drive, East Sandwich


Mr. Perry’s Outstanding Record

 Jeff Perry has worked tirelessly for Massachusetts as a State Representative. He has an outstanding record both in attendance and performance. We believe he will continue to give his all as our Congressman. Not only will he be an asset to our district and State, but also to our country.

Jeff has run a positive campaign providing his stand on the issues. He has our vote!

Fred and Joan Otto
Lake Shore Drive, Marstons Mills

Choice Is Socialism Vs. Free Market

On November 2, the voters will vote for the left wing socialism or our free market democracy.

Voters heed these words and if you don’t understand them ask someone to explain to what they mean.
“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Winston Churchill

Vote for Jeff Perry and Charlie Baker. Vote for freedom.

Eugene R. Guerrera
Bay View Road, Barnstable


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