Peck’s Turbine May Spin Again

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By: Laura M. Reckford
Published: 04/06/12

It was just over two years ago that a slow-moving storm with ferocious winds tore the blades of the Peck’s boatyard wind turbine apart and scattered them on a nearby parking lot just off Route 28 in Marstons Mills.

This week, Conrad A. Geyser of Cotuit Solar, who installed the wind turbine on the property of his friend, John Peck, announced that he will be seeking to put up a new turbine on the property.

Back in March 2010 after the storm, Mr. Geyser said he believed an unusual “mini-tornado” might have broken the turbine.

But this week at the meeting of the Marstons Mills Civic Association, Mr. Geyser said that he believes the turbine may have been faulty.

“The turbine company had a good reputation, but it was taken over by a venture capitalist group,” he said, adding that group has now gone bankrupt.

“We went back to the drawing board,” Mr. Geyser said.

The new turbine Mr. Geyser hopes to install is called Endurance and is made in Washington State, he said.

“It has a very good track record,” he said.

He said there are seven of the turbines on Martha’s Vineyard and they have withstood high winds.

Mr. Geyser said the new turbine has an auto-shutdown function that appears to be fail-safe.

It has sensors for vibrations, wind speed and electrical problems that triggers a break that automatically shuts the machine down.

“I’m pretty comfortable with the machine. I want to reassure people. We get that we’re not going to get a third chance,” he said.

The new turbine will produce less power and costs more money, but is quieter, Mr. Geyser said.

He said he will be bringing the project before the Barnstable Planning Board, which has special permit authority over wind turbines.

Barnstable Town Councilor Janice L. Barton asked what assurances Mr. Geyser could give about the safety of the new turbine.

Mr. Geyser said the company, which has representatives on Martha’s Vineyard makes annual maintenance checks.

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