Commission Proposes Ideas For Danforth Farming

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By: James Kinsella
Published: 09/30/11

The Barnstable Agricultural Commission is working with David Anthony, the town’s procurement officer, on a pending request for proposals for farming on the town’s Danforth property in Marstons Mills and West Barnstable.

At Wednesday’s commission meeting at the West Barnstable Fire Station, chairman William Plettner said the section of the Danforth property in question covers up to 50 acres of arable land.

The recommendations from the commission call for the property to be managed by one person or entity, although more than one distinct farming operation could use the property.Recommendations also call for requiring organic farming on the land.

Composting would be allowed, but not for export off the property.Permitted uses would include small and medium animals in size such as sheep, goats and chickens, but no pigs or cows.

An orchard and a tree nursery would be allowed uses.Construction of a shed to store equipment also would be permitted, so long as the building is not visible from public highways.

No wind turbines or tall structures would be allowed.Access to the property would be off Route 149 across from the Olde Barnstable Fairgrounds golf course.

A farm stand would be allowed, again near Route 149, so long as at least 50 percent of the produce comes from the Danforth farm.

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