School Officials Tops In State, Association Says

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By: James Kinsella
Published: 05/13/11

As far as a professional state association is concerned, Barnstable Public Schools have two of the best superintendents in Massachusetts— coming and going.Both Patricia B. Grenier, who is retiring this year as the school system’s superintendent, and Mary Czajkowski, who has been hired by Barnstable School Committee to succeed her, have been named as recipients of the President’s Award of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents.

Only three such awards are being made this year by the association, according to Thomas Scott, executive director of the association.R. Patrick Murphy, chairman of the Barnstable School Committee, announced the awards at Tuesday’s school committee meeting.

“The fact that we have been able to attract two of the best superintendents in the state to our town is a compliment to the talented staff and administrators in our school district as well as to the great working relationship with our municipal government,” Mr. Murphy said in a statement Wednesday.“We are fortunate to have both of these educational leaders serving our community,” he continued. “We congratulate Dr. Grenier and Dr. Czajkowski.”

Mr. Scott said yesterday that nominations for the award come from the 277 school superintendents in the state, all of whom are members of the association.The award, he said, recognizes superintendents for “a major contribution to the superintendency.”

That includes their service to the association, working with and supporting their colleagues, for their initiatives in public policy, and for outstanding service in their community.

He said the fact that Dr. Grenier and Dr. Czajkowski each received the award this year is coincidental.

Each superintendent, he said, received the award in their own right.

Dr. Grenier has been the superintendent of the Barnstable Public Schools since 2006. She previously worked as superintendent in Douglas and Carver and as assistant superintendent in the Sudbury School District.

“During her tenure as superintendent,” according to the association’s award, “Patti has been a very active member of M.A.S.S., providing support to her colleagues and making a real difference in the quality of public education.”

Most recently, Dr. Grenier served on the association’s finance task force and contributed to the association’s long-range finance plan for K-12 education.

According to the association, Dr. Grenier has served on numerous panels and presents on a broad range of issues for the superintendents and educators across the commonwealth.

In particular, the association stated, Dr. Grenier provides and facilitates high performance team training and curriculum development, strategic planning, and school committee self-evaluation for other school districts.

“She has taught many cohorts of future educators and aspiring superintendents at numerous colleges including Boston College, Simmons College, Endicott College, Framingham State and Cambridge College,” the association stated. “She has led by example, educating our next generation of school leaders and providing many of them a practical perspective of the leadership work,” the association stated.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Dr. Grenier said she received the award in part for her reorganization of the Barnstable schools two years ago when the system was faced with falling revenues and enrollments.

Dr. Czajkowski, the incoming Barnstable superintendent, has been superintendent of the Agawam Public Schools for nine years. She previously worked as assistant superintendent for three years in Agawam.

She also has worked as a teacher and administrator in the Agawam and East Longmeadow districts.

“During her tenure as school superintendent,” the association stated, “Mary has increasingly demonstrated strong leadership in her district and as a member of M.A.S.S., where she has provided significant contributions to state policy issues.”

According to the association, Dr. Czajkowski has received the American School Counselors Association “Advocate of the Year” award, the Massachusetts School Counselors “Administrator of the Year” award, and the Massachusetts School Library Media Association “Administrator Advocate for Excellence” award.

Dr. Czajkowski has been the association’s representative on the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Educational Personnel Advisory Council.

She also has been a Massachusetts curriculum frameworks consultant.As a member of the association, Dr. Czajkowski is a member of the professional development committee and serves on the association’s executive committee.

She recently was elected vice president of the association.

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